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What’s been on my mind.. Interior musings

What’s been on my mind - Interior musings

When creating the new studio, I spent a lot of time thinking about potential clients, their homes and what interior design means to people.

For much of my career I worked in London, and I have had the privilege of working on some incredible properties with enviable budgets. Prior to this, one of my first jobs in the industry, was as a field designer for Laura Ashley. Traveling around the country with my car boot full of samples (and often crying in lay-by’s, as I had only just passed my driving test and I was terrified!).  Having worked with both Highstreet and High-end I can tell you the principle is the same – Creating spaces that real people can live in and enjoy.

People’s homes are highly personal, and this makes the stakes in designing them even higher. When you are designing a person’s home, you must understand that there is a high level of emotion involved. You are, at the very core of it, affecting someone’s environment. The place they return to after a hard day. The place they choose to raise their family. The place they socialise and invite friends to. The place they head to if they are unwell or need rest. There is very little in life more personal than that. To be asked to help create a home for someone is a huge privilege.

During my 13 years in the industry, I have noticed a definite shift. Perhaps after the pandemic, perhaps as we become more aware of environmental issues – I can’t be sure of the catalyst!? At one time, aspirations where to present our homes to the world as enviable, magazine perfect, show-home type interiors. Nothing too personal, nothing too messy. Nothing too real. However, in recent years, with some pioneering Instagram accounts leading the way, a new era of interior design has dawned. People are searching for authentic, real, relatable interiors that are full of nostalgia and comfort. Very much like the shift from cheap mass-produced furniture back to handmade, lifetime purchases – we are seeing a demand for items that have soul and a story. Items that are well made, well designed and even more than that – items where we can get to know (albeit virtually) the maker and history behind them. Who doesn’t enjoy the insta reels where we get to watch the talented makers at work and enjoy the journey with them.

Instagram feeds are now filling with less perfect shots. The messy cushions, throws and blankets strewn across the sofa and soft lighting. Mish-mash Christmas decorations and overcrowded dinner tables. I can’t help but notice that with the growing world of AI, we all seem to be craving reality.

I find the question of what makes people feel at home an ever inspiring one. In some ways it is very different from person to person, but I would argue that the basic principles are often very similar. We all want to feel safe, relaxed and joyful in our homes. We don’t want transient fads or trends. We want a space where we can feel truly ourselves and be surrounded by decoration that reflects that.

What do you think? Has interior design evolved? I would love to hear your thoughts..

Best always, Lisa

Lisa Holliday Interior musings

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