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Hi, I’m Lisa Holliday!

An interior designer with a philosophy inspired by family, textiles, nature, and country living.

Mother to two feisty and hilarious little girls, Cat Mother to a wise old cat named Bilbo (companion since our London days!).

Since trading cityscapes for rolling hills, life is all about picnics, muddy boots, and the simple pleasures of village life.

I believe in the power of the little things: Good food, country air, cuddly afternoons with the children, and fun dinner parties with friends.

These moments inspire my design. I love to create homes that are havens for comfort, joy, and quiet contentment.

Textiles Degree

My textiles degree sparked a lifelong love of colour and pattern. I am inspired by layering beautiful patterns and unusual colour combinations, and creating unique stories in every space.

Over 13 years experience in the interior design industry

Over 13 years, I’ve had the privilege to work with renowned interior designer Hugh Leslie on incredible projects like a 5-story townhouse in Upper East Side, New York.

More recently I worked alongside a close friend at Studio 73. Over 6 wonderful years we worked on multiple London properties and beautiful country homes in Wiltshire, pouring our hearts into each project.

Creating Spaces

In my own home, I’ve created spaces that nurture and facilitate family gatherings, laughter with friends, quiet moments alone, and work.

I’m passionate about helping others create sun-soaked corners for sipping morning coffee, comforting settings for bedtime stories, or rooms in the heart of the home filled with laughter and bustle.

“Home should be personal, joyful and nurturing to all that you enjoy in life.”

“The truth is that we all absolutely love the house – it looks gorgeous, works with beloved furniture we already had AND just feels so like home. We love love love it.”

Alex, Cheltenham

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